The Space Bar Revolution

by Dan Ward

The AP Stylebook is about to announce several new updates to the language of journalism. E-mail is now email. Cell phone is cellphone. Smart phone is smartphone.

Has the Associated Press launched all-out (sorry, allout) war on hyphens and spaces?

I can’t wait to open my newspaper to read the Associatedpress reporting from Newyork on evolving Unitedstates foreignpolicy. Maybe I’ll just read it on my smartphone instead.

2 Responses to The Space Bar Revolution

  1. I’ve had a really hard time switching from Web site to website. Everytime I have to type the term in the new format, I feel like I’m doing something wrong. I think I’m experiencing AP Style guilt.

  2. K. M. Dawson says:

    The AP Stylebook is aimed at newspapers, where space is limited, so the book tries to save space wherever possible by using a minimum of hyphens and spaces.

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