The Dangerfield Effect

by Roger Pynn

Pity the poor newspaper industry.  While a Pew Research Center study released this week made news fit to print, it apparently was of little importance when viewed by editors who apparently took for granted the results showing for the first time in history “more people said they got their news from the Web than a physical newspaper last year.”

Clearly the online editors take it for granted you get your news digitally (“what’s a newspaper?”).

But sadder than the fact newspapers are treated with no more respect than the late comic Rodney (“I Can’t Get No Respect”) Dangerfield, is that the print story focused not on what the authors of the study found most interesting but instead their own demise.

Tom Rosentiel and Amy Mitchell wrote:

“By several measures, the state of the American news media improved in 2010.

“After two dreadful years, most sectors of the industry saw revenue begin to recover.  With some notable exceptions, cutbacks in newsrooms eased.  And while still more talk than action, some experiments with new revenue models began to show signs of blossoming.”

Now what is it that keeps the media from reporting even good news about itself?

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