Freed to Abandon All Standards of Objectivity

by Dan Ward

Interesting memo sent today from Philadelphia Daily News Editor Larry Platt to his staff.

In announcing a new approach for the paper, Platt frees his staff “from the tyranny of the Inverted Pyramid,” going further to tell his journalists that they “should also not be afraid to have a point of view about what you report.  Our pages should never be home to ‘he said/she said’ neutrality.  Instead, you will be explicit adjudicators of factual disputes, and you’ll be free to draw conclusions from your reporting.”

Wow.  There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about whether newspapers are losing sight of their mission to factually report the news, rather than to compete with the TMZ’s and bloggers of the world.  Readers of the Daily News need wonder no more.

As Platt says, the Daily News is “no longer in the newspaper business.”

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