Talk about Tasteless

by Roger Pynn

From the “What Were They Thinking?” department comes this unbelievable promotion from Ad 2, a local chapter of the American Advertising Federation, sent today the anniversary of the Challenger Disaster. Promoting a mentoring workshop, they used an empty astronaut’s suit to illustrate an invitation to “meet someone who once felt lost in space.”

I give them credit for recognizing they’d made a mistake and issue an apology:

Good Afternoon Members,

We realize that the artwork on this morning’s e-blast for the 2011 Mentorship Program was confusing or insensitive to some, given that today is the 25th Anniversary of the Challenger disaster.

Please know that the design and distribution timing of this eblast was purely coincidental, and in no way intended to reflect the events of that day.

We sincerely apologize if anyone has found it offensive, it was certainly not our intention.

Best Regards, Ad 2 Orlando

But, this just illustrates why organizations rely on public relations people to review their messaging. Someone has to be the conscience of the organization and in this case, it seems the conscience wasn’t consulted.

4 Responses to Talk about Tasteless

  1. Joshua says:

    Wow, what an oversight! A quick apology is good, but something like that is just too easy to avoid. It isn’t like we are in the “lack of information age”.

  2. Roger Pynn says:

    Thanks, Joshua. Well said. In the digital age what you say lives forever, so it pays to take the time to connect the dots and assure no one will misunderstand. Five of the most dangerous words: You Know What I Mean. No, I don’t. I know what you said.

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