If The Shoe Fits

by Dan Ward

Is ethical reporting as important in sports journalism as it is in mainstream news?  If so, then ESPN reporter Erin Andrews’ recent take on a new Nike shoe should draw more scrutiny.

While covering the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day, Andrews took a swipe at Nike, saying that TCU’s players were slipping on the turf because of new Nike cleats they were wearing.

Two weeks later, a Nike competitor, Reebok, announced that Andrews has signed on as an endorser of its ZigTech sneaker.

Perhaps Andrews had no idea Reebok was interested when she made her report on Nike’s cleats.  But if she or her representatives were negotiating with Reebok at the time, what does that say for the credibility of her report?  And now that this sports “journalist” is a paid endorser for a sports product, how can she credibly report on any issues regarding athletic footwear or apparel in the future?

2 Responses to If The Shoe Fits

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  2. Oi! If Ms. Andrews was already in negotiations when this comment was made (which is doubtful – she seems like a pretty intelligent woman), that’s not good. Regardless, at some point in the future I think anyone who has an endorsement with a product or a brand is going to have to disclose that information. We’re already there with bloggers and online content creators.

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