What’s in a Name?

by Kim Taylor

Last week I received an unusual phone call. The woman on the other end of the phone had a request for me: she’d like my name … my Twitter username to be exact.

She proceeded to explain that she was calling on behalf of a fashion designer in NYC who shares my name, Kimberly Taylor. And as the publicist for said designer, she was experiencing difficulty with the “branding” because there was often confusion between her Twitter account and mine.

Admittedly, I had received a few misdirected tweets, but nothing to indicate that the Twittersphere  was up in arms about the name confusion.

She went on to explain that “I’m just a person” and they’re working on a “brand.” I’m not sure about you, but I don’t think that’s the most convincing or endearing argument to make.

Furthermore, I wasn’t about to school another PR person about branding. Branding is more than just a name. A brand is a promise you make to your customer.

So, my questions to you are: What’s in a name? And, would you give yours up?

6 Responses to What’s in a Name?

  1. amy huerta says:


    First of all, everyone’s name is important and no one deserves more sprecial treatment than someone else. For all this person knew, you were ‘creating a brand’ of your own.

    I think some people in this day and time think they are entitled to call someone out of the blue and ask/demand that someone else do what they ask.

    I say, kepp your Twitter handle. You are creating a brand of your own, Kimberly Taylor!

    Amy Huerta

  2. Amy! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I totally agree with you and that’s the exact position I took when declining to give up my username!

  3. joe says:

    I’ll be the dissenting voice here. It depends on how much they were offering. Not meaning to be obnoxious, but Kimberly Taylor is more generic than many. How many other KT’s are there already? And are your efforts to create your own Kimberly Taylor brand going to be confused by the next Kimberly Tal=ylor who also wants to build her brand.

    I did a play on my last name when I named my blog and Twitter outreach; HiceSchool.

    Did it for branding purposes, but also to give me some flexibility. Tied to me, but not directly tied to me, if you get my drift.

    So, how much will it take to buy twitter/kimberlytaylor?

  4. “just a person”?! Nothing infuriates me more than when a rep tries to make an “everyday folk” feel like they are nothing in this universe. I’ve had something similar happen to me. Joe makes a point, but at the end of the day, you have to live with your decision on what you want to do if there is a price. In my situation, it meant more to me to respect myself and hold on to my self-respect and values.

    Happy to see you kept your Twitter handle.

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