How to Make a Win from a Fail

by Kim Taylor

A few months ago I received a solicitation from a law firm indicating that our company had $38 in unclaimed funds with the State of Florida.

Normally, I’d toss these solicitations, but any indication of “free” money is enough to pique my interest. So, I spent few minutes with my good buddy, Google, to see what I could dig up myself.

After a few minutes and a phone call to the State, I was informed that, in fact, Curley & Pynn had, not one but two, checks totaling nearly $4,000 … checks that never found their way to us when we relocated our offices more than five years ago.

One completed form and a 44-cent stamp later, we were well on our way to a nice payday.

Although giddy about our new-found payday, I was left wondering about that law firm who’d (un)knowingly tipped me off with their handy direct mail piece. Were they just good Samaritans? Or maybe there are so few people out there willing to spend the 10 minutes to do what probably takes them five.

Would you classify this as a Direct Mail Fail or Win? I’d say both. Their fail became our win.

One Response to How to Make a Win from a Fail

  1. Scott Toncray  says:

    I typically refer to Google as my research assistant. 🙂

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