4 Responses to Has Starbucks Fixed What Wasn’t Broken?

  1. I don’t doubt that you share an opinion similar to most, but I think Starbucks’ brand has been elevated to a point where a logotype is no longer necessary. When you see the Nike swoosh or McDonald’s golden arches, you’re not looking below for confirmation of shoes or hamburgers.

    I applaud Starbucks. Unlike Gap’s logo disaster earlier this year, I believe they have a vision of expansion and their logo reflects that.

    Kim (Curley & Pynn)

  2. Dionne Aiken says:

    Even the Gap logo applauded them! Thursday they tweeted:

    “To all you dumb dumbs trying to compare the new Starbucks logo to me, stop. The new Starbucks logo is a smart, clean evolution. It’s great.” -@GapLogo

  3. Roger Pynn says:

    I’d love to see research on the recognition of the graphic. If someone had asked me to tell them what the Starbucks graphic was, I’d have been at a loss. Perhaps the greatest logotype evolution in history has been the Bell/AT&T symbology. They eventually did away with the bell image when their business morphed to being a network instead of the people who rang your phone. Someone please tell me what the mermaid symbolizes.

  4. Dionne says:

    That would be pretty interesting! I wasn’t sure what the graphic was either until I did a little digging myself. This helped a bit too: http://www.starbucks.com/customer-service/faqs/brand-evolution.

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