“We Wish You A Merry Christmas in This Happy E-Mail!”

by Dan Ward

I’ve noticed that our reception desk is devoid of the usual clutter of holiday cards this year, and while I’m sure there’s a possibility that we’re simply no longer popular and have fallen off of many holiday lists, I think there’s another factor at play: the holiday e-mail card.

As the holiday envelopes have dwindled, the “please open your holiday message here” e-mails have quickly grown.

I’m curious whether others have noticed this as well, and whether you think this is positive or negative. Certainly an e-mail card is more cost-effective, important in today’s economy. It’s also more environmentally friendly. But does it still provide the same personal touch as an envelope and a stamp?

Personally, I’m happy for any holiday message I receive, whether in the form of a card, e-mail or tasty cookies (hint, hint).

As for us, we’re sticking with snail mail and are keeping the tradition alive this year of a more than a little off-the-wall holiday card, because nothing says Happy Holidays like Frosty, WikiLeaks and the TSA.

Stay tuned for a major leak …

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