Direct Mail Win

by Dan Ward

Allow me to follow my partner Kim’s “Promotional Fail” post with a direct mail WIN.

We all get plenty of junk mail with envelopes that encourage us to “open now for important information.” For most of us, that language says “don’t open me. I’m junk mail and offer nothing of importance.”

So kudos to the folks at Discover, who sent a promotional mailing with a unique message FROM the envelope itself.

Front: “OPEN ME. Seriously, I can’t open myself. I don’t have hands, because I’m an envelope.”

Back: “Enough with the lollygagging … OPEN ME ALREADY! I may be a lowly Business Envelope, but I have important stuff to do.”

No, I didn’t sign up for a Discover card, but I did open the envelope and read the offer inside. My guess is this humorous mailing will have a higher open rate than normal, and might drive higher conversion as well. A little creativity goes a long way.

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