Promotional Fail

by Kim Taylor

I recently attended a one-day conference for business leaders and entrepreneurs.  Like at many conferences of its kind, attendees received a number of promotional items like notepads, totes, etc.  But, my favorite item of all was this handy erasable pen provided by Bright House Networks.

Cool, right?  I remember thinking I hadn’t seen an erasable pen in ages, and who couldn’t use something that gives free reign over writing mistakes?

One problem:  the pen didn’t actually erase … not even a tiny bit.  It left me scratching my head.  Was this emblematic of Bright House’s Business Solutions?  Were they trying to be ironic?  Or was this just one big promotional fail?

While you’re contemplating an answer, does anyone have a pencil I can borrow?

3 Responses to Promotional Fail

  1. […] me to follow my partner Kim’s “Promotional Fail” post with a direct mail […]

  2. Chris Gent says:

    Great post, Kim. It confirms that every detail counts when branding your company or organization. Even the smallest giveaways say something about your brand.

  3. Indeed, Chris. At first I felt bad for pointing out such a seemingly trivial detail, but in our business you can’t afford the slightest oversight when it comes to your brand.

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