Facebook is Ageless

by Roger Pynn

We hear a lot of feedback from clients who wonder whether Facebook and other viral media are appropriate tools for their brands.  A hospital in a community with a large senior population, for instance, grappled with that question, questioning whether their constituents are “on” Facebook.

When I first read this post by Lauren Pelkey on Eric Qualman’s Socialnomics blog, I thought perhaps I’d been wrong.  Writing about the top brands on Facebook, Pelkey didn’t ring a senior citizen bell with me when I saw Starbucks, YouTube, Victoria’s Secret and Red Bull,  nor was I reinforced by seeing Disney and iTunes in her illustration.

But seeing Oreos among those brands did tell me there’s reason for putting a mature market brand on Facebook and using other viral tools to reinforce brand loyalty.

Why?  Because my 95-year-old mother-in-law munches on Oreos like popcorn at a movie.

By the way, she’s also a pretty Web-savvy gal and I regularly find her interacting with Wheel of Fortune online. Maybe I ought to set her up with a Facebook account so she can become a fan of Wheel’s Facebook page.

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