Anti-Social Media

by Roger Pynn

Orlando Sentinel Columnist Mike Thomas hit the nail on the head with a blog post that explains why people are so disgusted with political campaigning.

It also points out the futility of trying to correct mistakes.

Whether the public is intentionally misled by an attack ad or victimized by the media’s increasingly frequent errors, as Thomas points out it is likely that half of those misinformed will never see either an expose’ by someone like Mike or a correction stuffed in a corner on Page Two.

That’s why we often counsel clients against wasting energy asking for a correction that is more than likely to confuse people who never saw the original piece. Better in this age is to recognize long before you are maligned (on purpose or not) that you must maintain aggressive ongoing communication with those who matter to you, your cause or organization.

Fortunately, many of the tools that are abused by political operatives and which motivate media to push the publish button before vetting information are also available to those who want to create meaningful dialogue with all who have an interest.

Because some of the behavior Thomas refers to has its root in what we call “social media,” you have to wonder whether a better moniker can be found.

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