“… Involve me and I understand.”

by Dionne Aiken

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a Guerrilla Marketing workshop at Full Sail University by Mario Saccamango and Wagner of Beloved Experiential.

An old Chinese proverb best sums up their discussion on experiential design:

“Tell me and I forget.  Show me and I remember.  Involve me and I understand.”

Unlike traditional marketing which persuades people with ration and facts, experiential marketing takes this a step further and modifies consumer behavior through visual, emotional, mental and physical appeal.  The key is to engage them on all these levels to establish relationships and convert consumers to be brand ambassadors.  Mario and Wagner further illustrated this phenomenon with a pyramid diagram that showed the growth as each brand ambassador converted and created their own sub-groups of brand ambassadors creating a domino effect.  They also show a series of examples.

A powerful example given during their lecture was the Sony VAIO marketing campaign.  Sony VAIO wanted to take their stylish laptop to another level beyond just a piece of technology.  So they hired models wearing the latest high fashion designer clothing, sporting the trendy Sony laptops and released them on the streets of Manhattan, and in Grand Central Station to pose as live mannequins.  This attracted a lot of publicity to the point that Fashion Week eventually picked this up as an installation.

Another example a little closer to home is Beloved’s experiential marketing campaign for Barnie’s Coffee and Tea Company called “Favor Flavor.”  This five-phase guerrilla marketing campaign consisting of brand ambassadors donning mobile media units, a street tagging session and more is currently underway http://www.facebook.com/belovedexperiential#!/event.php?eid=146346258729172.  It will be interesting to see such a non-traditional marketing campaign hit the streets of Orlando.

Experiential marketing is all about connecting with your consumers by engagement that go above and beyond expectations providing intangible, memorable and most importantly personal experiences and interaction.

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