‘til Death Do Us Part?

by Roger Pynn

Responding to an invitation from a colleague to join their professional network on LinkedIn today I browsed the familiar list of “People You May Know” the networking site always encourages you to peruse to see if you should expand your circle.  Eighth on that list was the name of a dear recently deceased friend and it made me wonder how long our digital fingerprints live on and whether surviving loved ones can access accounts like this … either to delete them or to update them to inform those who might not have heard the sad news.

Another of my colleagues shared this Orlando Sentinel blog post on the subject that gives some good tips on what to do about the online presence of someone you’ve lost.

While we’re all barreling down these social media tracks at such incredible speed, I wonder if anyone has taken a step back to look at the role our mortality plays in the digital world.  I’m sure the folks at LinkedIn don’t intend to make anyone uncomfortable but suggesting I might want to create a relationship with someone I’ve lost isn’t necessarily a welcome message.

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