Sure, You Can Sell to People You Don’t Like, but Why?

by Dan Ward

My partner, Kim Taylor, recently asked “Do We Fit?” – looking at the client/agency relationship and why some proposals work while others do not.

Writing in last week’s Orlando Business Journal, local consultant Dave Rothfeld answers that “You don’t have to like someone to sell to them.”

Rothfeld lists nine ways to work with objectionable people.  His first eight tips detail how to continue working with someone you don’t like, and who likely doesn’t like you.  Only his final tip gets to the point:  maybe you shouldn’t be working together in the first place.

As the saying goes, life is too short to dance with ugly people.  If you sense that a potential customer is someone you might not like, or that there just isn’t a “fit,” why spend time and money going after the business instead of focusing on the clients who do fit, and the people you will like?

We’re blessed to have many long-lasting client relationships.  If we didn’t like the people and companies we serve (and vice versa), that wouldn’t be possible.

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