Florida Gators Must Be Wondering

by Roger Pynn

This blog has nothing to do with sports, but it has everything to do with the world of communication and for better or for worse that includes the news media.  Since many in the media are quick to judge those of us in public relations, I find it easy to point out their shortcomings, as well.

I actually think the Orlando Sentinel’s Iliana Limōn does a good job covering athletics at my Alma Mater, so I was more than a bit surprised by her story about the University of Florida’s women’s soccer team defeating our Lady Knights the other day.

Since soccer is traditionally such a low-scoring game, a 3-0 victory would likely be viewed with more enthusiasm than a 1-0 win.  Alas, Sentinel readers may never know … because although she said the UF team was victorious there was no score reported.

In a story full of detail, I just had to wonder whether this was another example of how editing – or the lack of it – has changed the face of newspapers today.  But just in case sports fans are desperate for the score, in this online version at OrlandoSentinel.com, you’ll find the answer.

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