The Aging of Aquarius

by Roger Pynn

My age caught up with me today.

First a friend reminded me on Facebook that it was 40 years ago today that Woodstock ended.  I wasn’t there in person, but like most of my peers I was there in spirit.

Then, my local newspaper’s website told me I am a dinosaur because I wear a wristwatch and rely on that antiquated tool known as e-mail to communicate… just two of the things that separate me from the Class of ’14.

Proving that age diminishes our capacity, a quick check of the facts showed that my friend was wrong … Woodstock actually ended on this date in 1969.  That was 41 years ago.  Makes me feel even older.

But I still love rock ‘n’ roll … longing for what was billed as “3 days of peace & music.”

And I’m ready to ditch e-mail and embrace texting.  After all, Mick Jagger is still rockin’.

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