What are Your Customers’ Preferences?

by Kim Taylor

When JP Morgan Chase bought Washington Mutual in 2008 I was really disappointed.  WaMu was a bank I knew and loved.  I liked doing business with them, and I couldn’t imagine Chase (a perceived HUGE banking conglomerate) doing anything better.  But, the reality is, with direct deposit, I do so little personal banking that I didn’t think it mattered enough to find an alternative.

Then I made a few trips to the ATM.  There were so many prompts I thought “never again.”  But, then in my inbox only days later was a note about setting QuickChoice™ preferences.  Curious, I clicked through.  Suddenly, with a few selections from a pull-down menu, I could save myself precious minutes next time I swing by for a little cash.

This made me think about our clients and what sort of ‘preferences’ we could create for them.  Maybe they’d prefer invoices come electronically instead of via snail mail.  Maybe they find it creepy, not endearing, when our admin recognizes their voice on the other end of the phone and says hello to them by name.  You get the point.

Small changes can make a big difference.  How often do you adjust your way of doing things to their preferences?

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