Your Clients’ Other Consultants Aren’t a Threat

by Dan Ward

It can be easy sometimes to feel threatened when a client brings on additional consultants … ad agencies, social media strategists, Web developers … especially when you also offer similar services.

But rather than worrying about budgets that might go to them instead of you, or about the relationships your client builds with them, how about focusing on what you were hired to do and what new opportunities these consultants might create for you.

In early 2009, we managed a community relations project for a utility client. The client also hired another consultant with specific expertise in the issue we were facing. We welcomed the additional brain power and worked closely with him to develop a successful campaign.

So when he was asked recently by another utility who they should hire for a similar program, who do you think he suggested? A new client relationship has now formed thanks to another consultant’s recommendation.

For Beaches of South Walton, we are currently managing a series of deskside media missions around the country. In scheduling meetings, we haven’t hesitated to ask for assistance from their advertising agency and video production company, both of which have outstanding broadcast relationships. Ignoring those relationships would be a disservice to the client. We use whatever resources are available to us to get the job done, and in this case it has meant several live broadcast interviews.

As the economy improves, there’s more than enough work available for those of us who put client needs first above competitive concerns. In this business, a little “coop-etition” can go a long way.

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