Another Memo to Marketing

by Roger Pynn

Memo: Marketing Department
From: Balloon Pilot
Subj: Public Safety (mine included)

Did you guys read my July 14 memo?

In case it got lost (or sent to your spam filters), what I was writing about was the fact that people aren’t exactly reacting positively when I fly the Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies hot air balloon over Interstate 4 in Orlando during morning rush hour.

At first it was just hand gestures that concerned me and a lot of backed up traffic, but today it was worse because in this heat it is hard to inflate a balloon and keep it aloft so when I started tipping over people were nearly running off the road, slamming on brakes to avoid hitting each other and, yes … sending me messages with their middle fingers.

How many more mornings do you have this scheduled?

Promotions are about attracting attention, making positive impressions and creating potential for a relationship … not about generating frustration likely to prevent a consumer from ever walking in your door.

This makes me glad I have Swim ‘n Fun to rely on.

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