Digital Piracy Inspires Creativity

by Roger Pynn

I used to say often that there’s no longer any such thing as original creativity … only good plagiarism, meaning that at this point in history most good creative approaches had already been taken.  That all changed, of course, with the explosion of the Internet and the advent of social media that seems to beg us to beg, borrow and steal from each other as part of the online community’s culture of reciprocity.

On Blogging Innovation Glenn Stansberry says blogging may actually be an act of piracy … or at the very least about silent bedfellows who say nothing when someone cuts and pastes their innovation because when credit is given there’s a sort of royalty paid.

Said, Stansberry:  “Masters” that create amazing work almost always quote their inspirations. Other writers, musicians, pieces of art… something is always inspiring their output.”

Unlike the times of the Masters, however, all of us have a universe today at the tip of our fingers as great as the one that only a Van Gogh could conceive that mystical starry night.

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