Is this Ethical?

by Roger Pynn

Here’s a promotion designed to make you see red … literally. This is national Stop on Red Week, according to the National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running.

But the interesting thing is I can’t find evidence anywhere that anyone has “declared” this observation.  And that’s the case with so many manufactured observations these days.  People don’t go the old route of building consensus, getting official support, etc.  Instead, often using viral media, they just hang up a virtual sign declaring a day or week in support of a cause.

That’s apparently what’s happened here.  When you drill down into this observation (a good cause, I might add) you find out on the “about us” tab of this “national campaign” that “The National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running has received funds from the photo enforcement industry in the past and is currently a public service initiative of Blakey & Agnew LLC.”

So, the folks who sell red light cameras think you should stop running red lights.  How about some full disclosure?

One Response to Is this Ethical?

  1. Brian Martin says:

    Good point Roger… I received my first red light ticket a few months back. It has definitely changed my view of how I drive, but the ticket still made me feel like this was more about raising money than increasing safety.

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