Memo to Marketing

by Roger Pynn

Memo:  Marketing Dept.
From:  Balloon Pilot
Subj:  Hatred

I know you guys are all about promoting the brand, and in this tough economy I really appreciate the recent gigs piloting Leslie’s hot air balloon … but frankly this is getting a little scary. At first I thought all those people on Interstate Four near Longwood were just waving at me … but on closer inspection I don’t think those hand gestures are a “thumbs up.”

If you live in Central Florida you know that Interstate 4 is our most hated highway, having at one time inspired an I Hate I4 website and bumper stickers with the same message from folks known as I4 Hostages because the road is so over capacity and backs up at the slightest visual distraction.

It only takes a minor fender bender to bring the road to a complete halt any morning … so you can imagine how much westbound commuters appreciate coming over a rise near State Road 434 at Longwood to find that the reason they’ve been in stop-and-go traffic for 30 minutes is because the marketers at Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies have tethered the company hot air balloon right above the exit ramp.

Talk about the need for research.

5 Responses to Memo to Marketing

  1. Sara Brady says:

    Um…Roger…were you snapping photos while driving? Obviously you missed Oprah’s campaign on no texting and driving.

    • Roger Pynn says:

      No, Sara … as you can clearly see from the RED BRAKE LIGHTS in the photo I was in stopped traffic because the gawkers in front of me had stopped to flip off the pilot of the balloon :-).

  2. julie roedema says:

    Well, here’s how you fix it..move and work in southwest Orlando!

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  4. Wow Roger, such vitriol and from a fellow marketer. I was the pilot that day and I have to tell you, several people stopped by with their kids, the news stopped by, a few people without kids stopped by as well. Yours is the first negative comment I have seen…. If you like we can work up a balloon program that will get people to name your companies names in their posts several times. I was curious, does it help internet rankings when someone mentions a company name? Best regards!

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