A Different Take on the Deepwater Horizon

by Roger Pynn

Most of the photos and video we’ve seen of things related to the Gulf oil incident have been pretty scary the last two months, but Sandestin Beach & Golf Resort P.R. & Marketing Director Laurie Hobbs turned that around with beautiful photos of a wedding on her beachfront.

Laurie’s a longtime pro and it is no surprise coming from her, but this was a great reminder of the power of pictures.  There’s been so much misunderstanding about the impact of the Gulf incident on the beautiful coastline of Beaches of South Walton in Northwest Florida.

We regularly post updates at www.BSWUpdate.com, a website we’ve created to help the 15 communities of Beaches of South Walton keep the public informed with candid, factual reports on what is happening … which, by the way, has turned out to be – despite all the gloom and doom you hear – that “our beaches are open for enjoyment.”

Of course, when Laurie sent us pictures of this wedding, they immediately went up on BSWUpdate.com along with dozens of other stunning photos that come in every day from the 26 miles of beachfront there.

And when Steve Hartman of CBS News showed up to tape the occasion for “Assignment: America,” it was icing on the wedding cake … for Laurie, for Sandestin, for Beaches of South Walton and, I’m sure for Krista Davis and Blake Monroe, the happy couple who stayed informed and held on to their dream of a beachside wedding.

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