Give Them Your Best Solution First

by Kim Taylor

What if every solution you brought to your clients was the best one?

What if that solution came first, instead of angst, confusion and disappointment?

What if your actions were more about actions and less about reactions?

I’m not often in a client role, but walking in their shoes this week with a vendor reminded me of the value of one of our 5 Steps to Professional Success:

“Bring the client solutions, not problems.”

Smart clients know the difference.  So why not give them your best. First.

One Response to Give Them Your Best Solution First

  1. Roger Pynn says:

    Why are companies so prone to put obstacles rather than solutions in their client’s path? Reading this reminded me of the men’s clothing retailer (I won’t name names but they refer to themselves as a ‘wearhouse’) that had A suit I really liked at a really attractive price if I would only buy TWO. I only wanted A suit.

    So instead I bought NO suit. One lost sale was really a lost relationship and a lost opportunity to make a positive impression. There’s a big cost to that pricing strategy.

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