Twitter – Don’t Knock it if You Haven’t Tried It

by Dan Ward

Lorelie Johnson (@LorelieJ) posted this interesting tweet the other day:

“Heard someone say that they don’t really like @Twitter. I asked them if they’ve ever tried using it, they said no. Go figure.”

There are a lot of people with the same attitude … the same people who will say they don’t like a certain radio or TV show even though they’ve never watched it.

But unlike a TV show, Twitter is not just an entertaining diversion.  Sure, there are plenty of folks (you know who you are) who share too many details about their favorite brand of toothpaste, but there’s also a lot of business being done in 140 characters or less.

What kind of business, you ask?  A good answer comes from Kermit Pattison of The New York Times, who provided a Small-Business Guide to Twitter in the May 26 edition.

Ask the businesses featured in this story (@Avaya, @HumphrySlocombe, @WholeFoods, @KissMyBundt, @TimBerry and others) if they like Twitter.  My bet is they’re very glad they tried it.

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