iPad Fascination

by Roger Pynn

I’m absolutely resisting the urge to buy a first generation iPad despite the incredible magnetism of this little wonder, but this post from Seth Godin set me to thinking whether one day that amazing interface will become as disposable as flash drives.

Godin suggests putting an iPad at every place in your conference room and turning any meeting into an incredibly interactive activity.

A client of mine who chases great big contracts worth millions of dollars is thinking seriously that he’ll start putting his presentation decks on iPads and then leave them behind as gifts.

Kind of reminds me of that icon of the 90s … the AOL CD.

2 Responses to iPad Fascination

  1. Michael J. Murphy says:

    Ubiquitous. What a great image — and great comparison!

  2. Roger Pynn says:

    Thanks, Mike. As with so many things at Taking Aim, credit for finding that great image goes to our Digital Diva Kim Taylor. Who knew she was old enough to remember those AOL coasters?

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