Splish, Splash

March 26, 2010

by Roger Pynn

When all you want to do is take a bath, getting a bath tub delivered ought to be pretty easy … but on the fourth try we were thinking that may not be the case. Then Laura Scott of Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery reminded me that accepting total responsibility and being accountable for everything you do – the fifth step in our firm’s Five Steps to Professional Success – works in any business.

What appeared to be a tiny “dimple” on a Kohler tub my wife had ordered had resulted in three being sent back and when the fourth arrived Laura, exasperated but totally committed to satisfying us, drew a line in the sand and said “we’re not going to let you be dissatisfied. We’ll do whatever it takes and you shouldn’t have to worry that that little dimple could one day turn into a problem.”

Two hours later our Ferguson detective had solved the mystery … one that Kohler will hopefully learn from, as well. Those tiny but visible marks on the walls of the tub are actually not a blemish, but are there to indicate where – if a customer wants to turn the tub into a whirlpool bath – to put the jets.

Note to Kohler … put a note on the crate or a sticker on the tub … it would save restocking and additional delivery charges.

Note to Ferguson … be proud of Laura Scott.

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