From the Spam Filter

by Roger Pynn

Now here’s a guy who needs help:


Hi Roger,

I’d like to know if Curley & Pynn Public Relations And Marketing Communications can use some help with cold calling prospects and setting appointments for your salespeople. We perform such services and apart from helping boost your local business, we can even expand your reach by looking for potential international customers.

If you’d like to learn more about our Lead generation and Appointment setting program, email me or give me a call.



Maybe I’ll introduce him to the sales executive I met last week who told me his most successful cold calling tool is e-mail.  When Schmid Construction’s Wayne King told me that, I almost fell out of my chair … until he said “But I’m creative.  I’m sure to send them something no one else does and it is all in how you say it.”

Now there’s a gem.  Unique works no matter how it arrives.  Unfortunately, Alex’s e-mail not only failed to get past my spam filter … the title of his e-mail was “Appointment Setting Campaign,” a surefire way to get my attention.

One Response to From the Spam Filter

  1. Roger:

    Great post. Email is an effective and efficient tool to “cold call,” enabling you to quickly identify prospects who have a need for your service. However, I don’t quite understand the value proposition of Alex’s service because the actual task of setting an appointment is an opportunity for your sales reps to connect and build a relationship with prospects — which is so valuable to the sales process. If it takes a certain number of touches to nudge a prospect on the “trust continuum” from 0 trust, to giving you permission-to-market, to requesting a quote, to trusting you enough to buy from you, how is it to your advantage to oursouce that?

    Sean Lyden

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