Logos & Branding Myth Busters

March 15, 2010

by Dionne Aiken

A logo is a brand.
False. What comes to mind when you think of Michael Jackson?  Way more than just a name and a face I’ll bet.  The white glove, the moon walk … there is much more than the name and face that contributes to how we perceive Michael Jackson in our minds.  If we think about branding in this way, we see that a brand is a perception formed in our minds about a person, service or business entity.  The logo then is what provides a point of entry and a means of visual recognition.  It’s how we relate to and identify a brand.

A designer can create a brand.
False. A designer can create a logo, a corporate identity system, and a host of other visual communications tools, but they cannot create a brand.  The brand is something that is created in the minds of consumers, built over time.  A designer can form the foundation for a brand but cannot create one.

A logo and a brand can change over time.
True. Logos should be designed with longevity in mind but in an ever evolving marketing environment things, as well as consumers change.  To remain relevant and at the same time unique and fresh, logos as well as brands can change over time.  There are some examples in this post that touches on redesigns and branding.

Most recently, the Skittles logo underwent a redesign which brought new life to the “Taste the Rainbow” concept.

Another example is the NBC logo which over the years has also undergone transformation.  In a discussion with one of our clients, Chris Exum with Exum Energy Inc., Chris stated, “I’ve been alive for the final four logos … and only remember the current logo.”

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