Social Media Requires a Conscience

by Roger Pynn

One of the people I really trust and admire in our business is Joe Hice, Chief Communications Officer at N.C. State University and former head of marketing at the University of Florida. His HiceSchool blog is fun, insightful and a great brand tool for NC State.

But when I wrote a piece here a couple of days ago about the evolution of social media titled Brave New World, Hice tweeted me saying it is:

“all about building a network. Directly related to influence. Larger the network, greater the influence. Huxley too complicated.”

I chose my words because SM is evolving so rapidly it reminds me of the somewhat scary world Aldous Huxley envisioned in his 1932 book “Brave New World,” a staple for futurists although his later book “Brave New World Revisited” and his final treatise “Island” probably left book clubs pretty confused.

Actually Hice makes my point. Social media is all about building a network and that is directly related to influence, but as I tweeted back, the question is about the difference between influence and manipulation.

Embracing social media with a conscience requires understanding and respecting that difference.

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