Notes Come in Handy

by Dan Ward

PalmGate.  The Palm Prompter.  Hand-y Reminders.  Palm-It Notes.

The media pundits are really handing it (sorry) to Sarah Palin over her use of handwritten (literally) notes during a Tea Party Q&A.

The use of notes doesn’t bother me at all, though I’m curious why nobody in Palin’s camp could scrounge up a 3×5 card or two.  Using notes should not be an issue; the issue is writing “hidden” notes in the style of a middle schooler cheating on a biology exam.

Let’s face facts.  Reporters use notes, politicians at all levels use notes and Teleprompters.  Candidates are allowed pen and paper to take notes during Presidential Debates.  Notes are OK.  They’re acceptable.  Why try to hide the fact that you believe communicating key messages is important?

In our Message Matrix® training sessions, we encourage people to use notes … not for scripted responses but as reminders of issues and key points to address.  When our clients make presentations, we prepare notes for them to help them stay on track.  When I present, serve on a panel or pitch new business, I bring notes along.

When you’re prepared, you can hold an audience in the palm of your hand.  Just make sure they’re not reading from it.

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