On Interns

by Roger Pynn

The value of interns in our business has never been a question. At present count two of our staff started with Curley & Pynn as interns … and they are tremendous young public relations professionals.

Two weeks ago we were fortunate to be finalists in the competition for the public relations needs of a client we really wanted to win. We were competing against three other finalists … all great firms that we truly respect.

When we walked into the room to present our approach, we were greeted by a room full of people who enthusiastically reached out to introduce themselves and put us at ease instantly … one-by-one standing to shake our hands and introduce themselves.

Imagine our surprise when we got to the next-to-last individual and a smiling young woman rose to say “you probably don’t remember me, but I’m Loretta Shaffer and I interned for you 14 years ago. I loved Curley & Pynn.”

There was no forgetting Loretta … an always happy and energetic young woman who we knew from her first day as an intern was destined for success. And, here she was, now the director of marketing for a major tourism development organization. She asked piercing questions and made solid observations. She shared insight with us. She was passionate about her product.

We are, too … so pleased to be reunited with a former associate as we take on the work of representing the Beaches of South Walton on Northwest Florida’s Gulf Coast … Florida’s premier collection of 15 beautiful beaches known for their sugary white sand, an eclectic group of beachfront communities and soon the new Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport that will open up incredible experiences for freedom seekers everywhere.

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