Foursquare … Do you Care?

by Kim Taylor

Until recently, Four Square conjured up images of my brother and sisters throwing a rubber ball around on our parents’ driveway. 

Of course, if you’re in the social media realm (and, who isn’t these days?), you know foursquare is the latest (and greatest?) way to tell anyone and everyone where you are.

People can use foursquare to “check in” at locations all over their city, which then updates their friends with their location.  Every check-in earns points, and interesting check-ins will earn you badges.  Check in at a location more than any other foursquare user and you become the Mayor of that location. 

So, what’s the point of all this checking in?  Here are my takeaways:

  • If you have enough foursquare friends, you can learn about cool and interesting places around your city that you may not have known about pre-check in.
  • You can take advantage of businesses that are ‘in the know’ … many are offering specials like Free Drinks for the Mayor (no, not that Mayor … sorry, Buddy)
  • You can find out who has the best burger or who gives the best manicure by reading your friends’ Top 12 list of things To Do.

I’m a foursquare newbie.  I’m still trying to find my way around, while also reconciling whether the pros (deals & info) outweigh the cons (telling people where I am at every moment).  But, I certainly see the appeal for businesses seeking to market to their most loyal fans.

Now that you know the basics, tell me, do you care?  Will you foursquare?

4 Responses to Foursquare … Do you Care?

  1. Roger Pynn says:

    Now I hate foursquare even more. I don’t care where you are … much less who has used you to promote them.

  2. Kim Taylor says:

    I know it’s easy to hate it now … I remember when I hated Twitter! I just saw a Tweet from @LasVegasHilton, they’ve hoisted a huge banner in their lobby encouraging guests to “check in” on foursquare! I’m starting to understand the opportunities that opens up for users on both sides of the equation.

  3. Dionne Aiken says:

    There are so many social network sites popping up all the time, some stick around and some are short lived. I’ve noticed that the successful ones are 100% centered on the user – what are users doing and how can we make this better for them. They identify patterns, find ways to facilitate and improve what’s already happening and continuously evolve in that way. Seems easier said than done. I care a little. I’m interested to see if foursquare takes off. To me, it all seems like “virual stalking” anyway … not just foursquare, but twitter, facebook, the whole lot! 🙂

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