Friend Me on Twitter

by Dan Ward

I was passing a digital billboard on Interstate 4 the other day, and seriously considered violating traffic laws to get a cell phone photo of one of its revolving ads. I chose, however, not to risk life and limb for a fuzzy photo, so this post is visual-free.

So let me describe this simple, text-only ad, which was promoting the outdoor advertising company to those who are active on social media. The bold type encouraged drivers to “Friend Me!”

Not a bad idea in this day and age to engage in social media conversation. Minor problem, though. “Friend Me!” was followed by the company’s Twitter address.

Perhaps they figured that a Pied Piper-ish “Follow Me” message would encourage too many drivers to exit the highway immediately and search aimlessly for the next board. It’s more likely that they just got this one wrong.

If you want friends, fans and followers, make sure you know your terminology.

2 Responses to Friend Me on Twitter

  1. akeorlando says:

    Interesting point. Do you think this is just another case of a company “knowing they should get into social media, but not really knowing how”?

  2. @akeorlando, Definitely. That’s why I think it’s best to listen and learn before jumping headfirst into it the wrong way.

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