A Decade through the Eyes of Advertisers

by Elizabeth Buccianti

Have a few spare minutes to surf the Web?  I’d suggest checking out Adweek’s list of the best commercials this decade.  It’s an interesting list ranging from lighthearted and downright silly all the way to indicators of major shifts in cultural thinking. 

The overall winner, titled “Grrr” is Honda’s way of bidding adieu to the diesel engine as we know it, but the ad also signifies the advent of the green/sustainable movement.  Debuting in 2004, the ad appeared a good two years before the premier of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” a film that created a great deal of buzz and discussion for sustainable and green ways of living.  Today, green advertising is in full force, with many ad campaigns focusing on environmentally friendly concepts.

Other ads that made us think this decade were Dove’s “Evolution,” chronicling the progression from ordinary girl to the current perception of beautiful using the magic of makeup, lighting and Photoshop.  And who could forget Volkswagen’s “Like” with a surprise crash ending?

The above ads were not just successful in execution, but created social discourse that extended far beyond a 30 second network spot, something any advertiser strives to achieve.

Let’s not forget the ads that made us laugh.  My personal favorite is the Bud Light “Swear Jar” and I can’t tell you how many times the Smirnoff “Tea Partay” was forwarded to my e-mail inbox – another indicator of highly successful advertising. 

The best part?  The best Super Bowl advertising gets a category of its own.  So take a few minutes to review this past decade through the eyes of advertisers.

3 Responses to A Decade through the Eyes of Advertisers

  1. Man, Liz. Great column.

  2. T says:

    Thanks for putting all these great ads in one place. I will have to agree with the writer that the “Swear Jar” is a great ad, but until you see the “trunk monkey ads”, you have not seen the best. T

  3. dwina says:

    In this era of DVR technology, I seldom see advertising in its entirety. Thanks for recapturing the best… it was enjoyable watching ads this way.

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