Open the Books?

by Kim Taylor

I’ve been reflecting a bit lately and starting to define goals for 2010, both personal and professional, and I stumbled upon this blog post from a familiar source—written by a favorite contributor to my trusty companion, Inc. magazine.

In his post, Jack Stack talks about the often-controversial idea of opening the company’s books to all employees … a process he says can change the way a company operates and the way employees think about their work.

As controller of our company’s books, I’m intrigued. And, I happen to agree. I also feel that having been on both sides of the equation—employee and now partner—I have unique insight into what it’s really like to have ‘skin in the game.’

Would seeing the comings and goings of your company’s revenue and expense stream motivate you to improve? Discourage you from tossing that third plastic cup into the trash? Encourage you to innovate? Or, would it validate existing perceptions you had about ‘working for the man’? Maybe it’s all of the above, or perhaps dependent on the faith you have in your employer.

What do you think?

3 Responses to Open the Books?

  1. Amanda says:


    Great post and some very thought provoking questions! I have to admit, that I am a bit biased when it comes to Open-Book (I work for the Great Game of Business, which is the training portion of SRC). I am glad Jack’s ideas have caught your eye and am excited to see what your blog followers have to say in response to your questions!

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