Well-deserved Attention

by Roger Pynn

It isn’t all that often that a client earns global recognition, and when it comes in lockstep with recognition of the chief executive’s personal contributions via a “lifetime achievement” award, you have to reflect on how fortunate you are to be associated with such an organization and its leaders.

The Florida High Tech Corridor Council has frequently been recognized as a model for super regional economic development driven by higher education partnerships. Now, the International Economic Development Council based in Washington, D.C., has honored the Corridor Council with its Partnerships in Education award in recognition of the FHTCC’s Matching Grants Research Program and workforce development initiatives, calling the Council “a clear standout” for the award.

“Furthering economic development is rarely a simple task in the best of times, and advancing the cause in the midst of a global financial crisis is nothing less than arduous,” said Ian Bromley, IEDC chair. “As the consequences of the widespread economic turmoil have taken hold, we have seen our members become even more ardent proponents of economic development, flying in the face of one of the most challenging economic environments we have experienced in our careers. We proudly present this award to the Florida High Tech Corridor Council for its superior work during these difficult times.”

High Tech Corridor Council President Randy Berridge accepted the honor at the IEDC’s annual meeting in Reno, Nevada, just four days after being singled out himself with the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce where a host of Central Florida leaders took the time to sing his praises.

Berridge is a tireless community leader. The Florida High Tech Corridor Council is changing the way regions across the nation look at growing their economies.

We’re proud to be part of such a game-changing strategy.

2 Responses to Well-deserved Attention

  1. Grant says:

    Great post and the video turned out very well! Rick Schell and Dr. Hitt were remarking about what a good event it was …

  2. Nancy Curry says:

    Wow! Very nice … great recognition for an outstanding man. What a legacy!

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