Now they tell me. Is it too late?

by Roger Pynn

Here I am at 60, proud of myself for adapting to much of the digital lifestyle but openly frustrated sometimes by my missteps at the keyboard and occasional (oh, all right, frequent) confusion when it comes to some things techie.

My iPhone is always at my side and I participate aggressively in online conversations via Twitter and Facebook almost anywhere and anytime. I have two monitors on my desk at work and keep up with the social network comments of dozens of folks … both personal friends and luminaries of the digital space I’ve come to respect for their blogs and tweets.

Now my young partner Kim Taylor, unquestionably the firm’s creative and social media conscience, tries to make me feel better about my struggles by sharing this item from lifehacker suggesting multitasking may not be all it has been cracked up to be.

So here I sit, trying to figure out if it is more productive to write this post for our blog or read another post I found on lifehacker, a site that promises to deliver tips and downloads for getting things done.

I think I’ll just go home because I have to install that second monitor on my home PC.

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