Don’t Take it Personal

by Dionne Aiken

From Web sites to print media and even logos, we see how visual communication can simplify complex ideas, processes and information, making them easier to understand.

Consider my colleague Ashley’s post.  Something as complex and as abstract as Web 2.0 can easily be explained using cut-outs and hand drawn graphics.

Check out this video by Common Craft:

(Visit their YouTube Channel for more neat videos.)

Design must be objective with clearly defined goals.  But most importantly, it must address client and consumer needs.

Understanding Graphics and Visual Communication” by Ryan Hembree explains the difference between fine art and graphic design.  Fine art is a self-driven form of expression with a self-serving purpose where as graphic design, although it uses the same tools, has a client and/or audience/worldly serving purpose.

It’s important to keep in mind the big picture and communication goals at hand when approaching design projects, don’t take it too personal or you’ll just be making art.

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