Kanye West, Social Media and Great Design

by Dionne Aiken

Fans and viewers everywhere began twittering away about Kanye West’s disorderly conduct at the MTV Video Music Awards.

We saw a visual representation of this as his profile picture bubble grew to enormous proportions on the VMA Twitter Tracker:

This dynamic tracker created by social media measurement company Radian6 and design firm Stamen, is a real – time visual display of users’ twittering activity on Twitter.  In creating this tracker, they were able to translate complex statistical information into something visually pleasing and tangible that people can easily relate to.  This is a powerful example of what happens when design and technology come together in an innovative and engaging way.

Another example of this is Flickr’s new clock … It’s a visual representation of recently uploaded videos arranged chronologically to give a broad look at what’s being posted in the Flickr community.

In these two examples, we see the critical role design plays in how we receive and interpret information especially on the Web and on social media platforms.

By finding new and creative approaches to design and visual communication we can inform, as well as engage and connect with our audiences.

So when great design and technology combine, we see form and function at its best.

2 Responses to Kanye West, Social Media and Great Design

  1. Hi Dionne,

    Thanks for the shoutout! We had a blast taking part in this collaboration, and watching how it all came together on screen. No one could have really anticipated Kanye’s show stealer, but it was amazing to watch the reaction in real time, just the same.

    Thanks for highlighting the project.

    Amber Naslund
    Director of Community, Radian6

  2. No problem at all Amber … this is definitely a project worth mention!

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