When the Edits Stop

by Kim Taylor

Today a colleague in the local PR community posed a question to the Twitterati:

“What’s your take on editing blog content? When employees write posts, should employers edit sentence structure, punctuation, etc?”

When we began blogging here more than a year ago, we faced similar questions. After all, successful blogs are typically conversational and aren’t written in robot-speak.

But, does that mean they can’t be grammatically correct? Does editing for Style affect tone? If a writer asks, “do ya know what I mean?” do we feel the need to edit the ‘ya’ to a ‘you’?

The fun and challenging part about Web 2.0, 3.0 or whatever point 0 we’ve reached, is that it’s a learning process for everyone. What works for GM’s FastLane blog might not work in another corporate environment.

If you’re just beginning to blog or still trying to find your voice, do what works for you or what best represents your organization. It’s the Internet, there are no rules.

3 Responses to When the Edits Stop

  1. Hey, Kim, interesting post. I absolutely agree with you that some edits should be allowed — especially grammar spelling, etc. Also, as PR firms, I would imagine that we have a different standard for what gets posted to our blogs, since people hire us for our writing. 🙂

    That said, I think “blog editors” walk a very fine line. Two people could say the same thing using two different sentence structures. That doesn’t make one right and the other wrong. It’s just two different ways of saying the same thing. I think that’s where we need to be careful that we’re not editing out someone’s personality. Blogs tend to read more like how we speak … we shouldn’t lose sight of that.

    I’m still pondering this myself. I’m sure there will be more … thanks for continuing the conversation.

    Heather (@prtini)

  2. Heather,

    Really appreciate your insight, as always. We’re all learning from each other here, and you’ve definitely pointed me (perhaps unknowingly) in the direction of several blogs I’ve become an avid reader of, including yours!


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