Twitter Tattoos

by Roger Pynn

Listening to a presentation by frenetically-paced social media watcher Peter Shankman at the Florida Public Relations Association’s annual conference, reminded me of all the foolish things we tend to do when we’re young.

Don’t get me wrong. Shankman is interesting and I’m as interested as anyone in the evolution of social media … but I don’t have a tattoo. I don’t know whether Shankman has one either … but that’s not the point.

Like those cute little butterflies and other designs popular with young women, and the bicep barbed wire that seems to be the body art of choice for muscular guys, the things we are “saying” online will be around for a long, long time.

Shankman shared some of the statistics, but then in my inbox came this engaging Erik Qualman Socialnomics video on YouTube about the Social Media Revolution.

If those numbers don’t make you think twice, nothing will.

There’s a simple point to remember: there’s no way to take back what you tweet, and my guess is that finding a remedy to that may be just as tough as finding a way to get rid of last summer’s tattoo when you find out your dream job is with a company that prohibits visible body art.

Just as you should choose a tattoo design very carefully, best to choose wisely what you say in your favorite digital social neighborhood.

One Response to Twitter Tattoos

  1. I’m tattoo free, fyi. 🙂

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