by Roger Pynn

Every once in a while, you just need something inspiring on your blog.  You know … go totally off script and talk about something that no one thinks has anything to do with your stated purpose.

So, while this story about blind baseball players may not seem to have anything to do with targeted communications, I’d suggest watching this story (

… then come back to read on.

How cool that people who need a cane to feel their way around, and may rely on a guide dog to help them across the street have the guts to stand up to a plate and wait for a beeping ball to head in their direction, listen for its signal until the absolute optimum moment and then take a swing.

And once they’ve connected with that ball, they take off in pursuit of their goal with what is either unbridled enthusiasm or reckless abandon … willing to give it their all to get the chance to score a run.

In fact, when I started to write this post I had no thought of tying it to what we do every day, but the farther along I got the more I realized the lesson these athletes have for people planning a communications program.  They do instinctively what so many of us have to force ourselves to do:  they listen.

2 Responses to Visionaries

  1. Grant says:

    Great story and great post! Thanks for sharing …

  2. Laura Armstrong says:

    Uplifting Roger!

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