Special Interests

by Dan Ward

It seems like whenever political debate heats up on any issue, the dreaded  “special interests ” rear their ugly heads.  The debate over health care reform is no different  … Republicans decry the special interests supporting a public option, while Democrats dismiss the special interests who oppose it.

It makes me question who is and isn’t a special interest on an issue this important.  Is your interest considered  “special ” only if you offer an opposing view?  Does that mean those who support your opinion consider you simply ordinary and unworthy of the  “special ” adjective?

The term “special interest ” is a crutch, used too often to demonize any person or group of people who disagree or companies or associations that espouse their organizational beliefs and spend money to do so.

We all have a special interest in something and as citizens of a free country, we have a right (some would say a responsibility) to make our opinions known.

We are a country with millions of different and often opposing interests.  That’s what makes us special.

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