Dillin Award

by Dan Ward

Early in my career, I had the pleasure of meeting Lt. Col. John W. Dillin, a public relations pioneer who founded the Florida Public Relations Association more than 50 years ago.  I was struck not just by his famous mischievousness, but also by his willingness to spend time with a young pro still trying to find his way.

Last week, I was reminded of that meeting while watching my friend, mentor and business partner, Roger Pynn, accept an award bearing Dillin’s name, the highest honor FPRA bestows.

The John W. Dillin Award recognizes outstanding contributions both to FPRA and to the practice of public relations, and on both counts Roger is well deserving of the honor.  His service to the association and to the profession has long been recognized in Central Florida, and I’m glad to see him gaining the recognition he deserves on a statewide level.

Upon accepting the award, Roger shared with the crowd his vision for the profession and commitment to ethics, stating “John Dillin was a visionary.  I am just a practitioner.  My vision is of a profession that stands for honor, candor and loyalty … one that guides its employers and clients to think strategically and – above all else – to do the right thing.”

By honoring Roger Pynn with the Dillin Award, FPRA certainly did the right thing.

2 Responses to Dillin Award

  1. Bob says:

    Congratulations to Roger!

  2. Nancy Curry says:

    Congratulations to Roger on a richly deserved honor! I disagree with the notion that he is “just a practitioner,” however.

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