Woe is the Tweeter

by Roger Pynn

The tweetisphere is all up in arms because ESPN has limited the tweeting of its employees, but should it be?

According to The Times the guidelines prohibit ESPNers from having their own sports-related blogs and Web sites, and if they are going to be part of online conversations about sports they need to seek approval from their supervisors first. As well, it prohibits them from discussing ESPN policies and procedures re how items are “reported, written, edited for produced,” the Times story said.

From some of the comments I saw today, you’d think ESPN had just torn up the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but I’m sitting here trying to figure out why people can’t just see that what they say reflects on them as a professional as well as a person.

I am the majority owner of my business. I have two minority partners and a number of employees and an even greater number of clients. All of them should be able to expect me to use good judgment in my conversations … online or otherwise.

We’re developing a set of guidelines for our company and while they will probably tell our people not to talk about company policies, this will be one policy they are more than welcome to discuss … as long as they do it in good taste.

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