Being Heard

by Roger Pynn

A frustrating conversation with my wife this morning led me to write this post.

She’s concerned about the direction of the Congress as it debates trying to restructure what amounts to about 15% of our national economy (also known as health care reform) and asked in frustration “but what can we do?”

“Try e-mailing your Congressman and Senator” I replied, and heard the immediate sigh that said “and how do I go about that?”

Thank God for the digital age.  Here, dear friends are two simple links that should be stored on every computer in the country: 

It matters not which side of the debate you are on … this time or any time … but you are paying little staff munchkins on Capitol Hill who count each “for” and “against” e-mail they receive so pols driven by polls can decide what they really believe.

Join the debate.

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