Twitter: It’s Not about Relationships Anymore?

by Kim Taylor

When I joined Twitter more than a year ago, I was skeptical. Why would I want to tell everyone “What I was doing,” or better yet, why would I care what they were doing?

After slowly getting the hang of it, I realized it was a great way to build relationships … relationships with people you may not have had access to before. Even if those “relationships” came in the form of 140-character tweets, you still felt like you had some connection.

It’s not about numbers for me, I have a mere 636 followers—a small number relative to the millions some celebrities have acquired. Even smaller is the number of folks I follow. But within those 500+ people is a select group of twitterers whose every tweet I look forward to.

What I’m not looking forward to is for those people – who I’ve come to respect – to begin making money off of their following (me), with a new form of ‘sponsored tweeting’ by local Internet Marketing firm, IZEA.

Don’t get me wrong, I think IZEA’s paid blogging format has created tremendous opportunity for bloggers and companies alike. So, if it works for traditional blogs, why can’t it work for microblogs? Because I don’t read blogs to build relationships … that’s what Twitter’s for.

Follow me @klt_CandP, where my tweets won’t be sponsored by anyone but me.

One Response to Twitter: It’s Not about Relationships Anymore?

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